Sunday, May 11, 2014

Seattle Sights

  SEATTLE is a great city with many great sights. Kirk and I try to visit as often as possible even if we are not working here. Partly because of all the fun things to do and sights to see:

 We love to stroll and shop at the "Pike Place Market". Always a great place to buy fresh fish, fresh flowers and fun gifts. Even if you don't want to buy anything, just watching the fish merchants is entertainment!

We love to add our contributions to the disgusting
"Gum Wall" ... YUCK!! I can not imagine how much gum is actually on this one building - sort of art and sort of horrible, huh?

We love to go to the museums, walk the gardens and occasionally go all the way up in the majestic
"Space Needle".   The top has a rotating restaurant where you get a great view of all of Seattle and the surrounding mountains and ocean - WOW!

But the very best sight in Seattle is the sight of our granddaughter sleeping in her Grandad's arms. Such a sweet sleeping beauty! This is the real reason we like to come to Seattle.

What's your favorite city??