Friday, September 26, 2014

Pedal and Paddle

 Here is Kirk loading "Buttercup" and "Rocky" onto the Lopez Island ferry. Why is he doing that and who are "Buttercup" and "Rocky" you ask. Well, my bike is named "Buttercup" and Kirks bike is NOT named "Buttercup" ..... go figure! They are being loaded on the ferry to go to our next job. When we go to work in the summer time we always take our bikes and our inflatable kayak, named "Cocktail" [now why would we name a boat that? I'll let you figure it out!] with us so that if we have any free time we can either pedal or paddle - two of our favorite summer activities.

   "Rocky" likes to pedal on adventuresome bike trails like this one at Myra Canyon.

While "Buttercup" likes to go on bike rides that involve pic-nics.

Lopez Island is one of our favorite places to paddle but this lovely blue kayak belongs to the B&B.

  This is our kayak "Cocktail". She packs up into a small bag which goes in the gear box on top of our small car. We have used her to paddle allover the world in rivers, lakes and the ocean and always had fun.

                                             Now why do you think we call her "Cocktail"??

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Flower Power!!

OK, one thing I love about being an Interim Innkeeper is that I get paid to do old-fashioned flower arranging. First I get to go out to the garden and pick the best blooms and then I get to design. Here at the MacKaye Harbor Inn each guest room has a fresh bouquet as well as the dining table and the side table.

 Fortunately, Robin [the owner] has a great garden and a green house so I have lots of different flowers to choose from. These two sweet little bouquets are for the dining room.

But each guest room is decorated with a different color scheme so I try to do something appropriate - check out the colorful flowers that match the pillow in the "Captain's Suite".


Here on Lopez Island we also get to decorate the breakfast with fresh flowers - so I have actually taken a class in edible flower arranging so as not to poison the guests, ha ha!

Here I am picking garnish flowers for the breakfast table. I have heard it said that people eat with their eyes and I guess that is true. Anyway, a lovely garnish can really add something beautiful to the breakfast table.

 These are my caramel/peach muffins garnished with fushias and below is Kirk's fruit plate garnished with roses [yes, both of those are edible].

                                                        What do you think of my
 Flower Power??