Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Corgi Cute

Because we travel all the time as Interim Innkeepers, we do not get to have any pets at our "home". However we do get to have pets all over the country that are happy to see us. As part of our job we get to take care of dogs, cats, chickens and even goats!  Here at A View To Remember we have these three Cute Corgis - they are some of our favorites. See how they help Kirk cook breakfast?   AWWWW what would we do without them?

So let me introduce you to our three furry buddies: they are really Corgi Cute!

   This is "Toby"..... she is the Grand Dame of the group, a real lady, just sweet, quiet, and always well behaved. She is related to the Queen of England's corgis and she knows it!

This is "Ellie".... she's the Princess of the group, using this soulful look to get what ever she wants which is usually a pet on the head or a scratch on the tummy. She has the habit of sleeping right on top of the air conditioner vents!

This is "Skye".... he's the Bad Boy of the group, he's feisty, loves to get into mischief and play ball  with Kirk.  He's Kirk's favorite - they have such fun togeather. When they are not playing ball they are often cuddled up on the couch watching a ball game - too cute!


Who's your favorite?? They are all Corgi Cute, right?

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Little Things

Meet Angelika and Wolfgang from Germany...recent guests at the Dove Inn in Golden Colorado. Angelika was celebrating a special birthday so Wolfgang asked us to go out and buy her some flowers. Then at breakfast we put a candle in her pastry and sang Happy Birthday [too bad we did not know it in German].

It's these little things that make a B&B so much better than a hotel and that make our job as Innsitters so much fun.

At the Dove Inn we offer lots of little things to make the guests feel special and pampered. Here is a scrabble game that I set up on the porch for two of our guests. And below you can see Kirk filling a Dove Inn water bottle for guests to take with them while hiking.

As Interim Innkeepers we get pride ourselves on giving each guest something a little special whether it is help with their luggage or a baggie of muffins to take on a hike.

  Or just putting out seasonal napkins with freshly baked cookies. ---
       It's the Little Things!