Sunday, April 5, 2015

Just Ducky

I have two great jobs; 1] I am a Professional Interim Innkeeper , 2] I am a Grandma . Both are fun and satisfying jobs but I have to admit that one of them is more fun and satisfying than the other - can you guess?? 
 This little bathing beauty is my granddaughter Eleanor. Her first word was "DUCK" so of course I had to run out and buy her her first duck. She loves playing with it and I love playing with her. These photos were taken between innsitting jobs on a family ski trip to Park City Utah . While Kirk and Mama skied, Grandma got to play with the baby - tough job!

Of course ducks are most fun in the water so we spent a lot of time in the hotel pool - look how her swimming lessons paid off. She's a real water baby!

Apres ski,  grandma gets to swim with a duck - what a great job!