Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Farm Stand

                                                                 I LOVE summer!
                        I love the fresh fruit. I love the fresh vegetables and when I see FARM STAND -
                                    I go shopping....... usually for fruit for the breakfasts we cook.

                          But sometimes I can not resist shopping for myself. Look at all this jam!-
                                                    the strawberry/rhubarb is just delicious.

                               Now this is my favorite Farm Stand ad... it made me stop.
                       The farmer was very friendly but we did not get to meet the wife, DARN!

This is my favorite piece of public art in Kelowna and guess what? It is called 

   FARM STAND         

Where is your fave Farm Stand?

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Beside the Sea

You can't get away from it on Lopez - you are always right beside the SEA!

You know that one of my favorite parts of this job is doing "research" so that Kirk and I can give good concierge service to our guests. There are so many lovely places to "research" here and be beside the sea. The top photo is while we were exploring Shark Reef Sanctuary and this one bicycling at Outer Bay.

But it turns out that the VERY BEST PLACE to be BESIDE the SEA is right in front of the MacKaye Harbor Inn - look how happy I am!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Island Thyme


  Our new home -

 Called the "friendly isle", Lopez Island is really a step back in time with charming farms and historic homes scattered throughout the bucolic scenery. We have even learned to do the Lopez Wave because you can not pass anyone without acknowledging them. Soon we will be locals!

           We are currently innsitters at the
MacKaye Harbor Inn . It is located right on the water and surrounded by lush grounds and gardens. From the wraparound porch you can look out over the bay and sailboats of south Lopez Island to see seals and bald eagles.
         Sharing my garden with me is the cutest little deer [hence the big white gate in this photo]. She is welcome to the lawn but we need to keep her out of the herbs and flowers. Every morning I get to go out to gather garnish for my breakfast table and bouquets for the rooms - one of my favorite parts of the job!

Look - how pretty!!


  And this is one of Robin's "peace" roses.

 What's your favorite flower?