Friday, June 19, 2015

Tools of our Trade

As Professional Innsitters we travel all over and work in many beautiful, well stocked kitchens. However, each of us has a few tools of our own that we can just not do without and so we bring them from job to job, kitchen to kitchen all over the west.

This is Kirk's favorite knife. He keeps it especially sharp and it goes everywhere he does!!

My favorite tool is this Black and Decker hand mixer. I much prefer it to a big fancy Cuisinart. And as you can see this is a very special mixer - my daughter hand painted it for me for Mother's Day. Actually, this is my second hand painted mixer. The first she made for me on Mother's Day when she was 12!!! It lasted all these years - she's 32 now and just had to make me another.
So Black and Decker - a great tool for my trade.
I'm always so happy when I'm mixing with my special mixer!!  AWWWWW...

But where would a cook be without a recipe book?? I mean all the knifes and mixers in the world won't help if you don't know what you are cooking, right? This little book is my bible - all the recipes that I rely on are written in it in my horrible hand writing. So when I have decided on my morning menus, I head to this little guy for guidance. Although many of these recipes I know by heart which is a good thing as the book is getting pretty beat up by now. Maybe I need a new one??

  Check it out - if you can decode this you can have my secret sour cream streusel cake recipe.
Good Luck!

So those are some of the "tools of our trade".
What are some of yours??

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

B&B Birthday

                       Happy Birthday Kirk!!!

This year he got to spend his birthday at a lovely B&B. However, that's not as great as it sounds because of course he was working at that B&B. As Professional Innsitters we often spend our special occasions working in beautiful inns.
But this year after we were all done with breakfast and guest check-out I gave him a real treat:


A birthday trip on the Leadville Colorado Railroad. He loved it!  Just like a very big little boy - he loves trains. This train ride is especially beautiful because it goes way up in the mountains overlooking the continental divide and some of the highest mountain peaks in Colorado.

 As you can see, there was lots of snow and the views were STUNNING! Even though I am not crazy about trains.... I really enjoyed this ride. We had a pic-nic on the train and took lots of photos.

This railroad was originally built in the 1800's but the train itself is from the 1950's so it is quite comfortable with nice seats indoors or out. I loved just sitting and watching the scenery go by.

Good thing because on the way back Kirk rode with this guy....I got him a ticket in the engine with the engineer as a special birthday treat! He got to watch and help as the train chugged back to Leadville. He even got to stand on the very front of the engine as it came into town. Every little boys birthday dream - a TRAIN RIDE!