Thursday, May 16, 2013

Pineapple Pot

  I bet you can guess what a "pineapple pot" is - yup, it's a pot made from a pineapple. In Thailand they use pineapple for EVERYTHING: they blend it for juice, the carve it for garnish, they shred it for salad, they chop it for rice, and then they hollow it out and use it as a serving dish! Here are some of my favorite things to eat out of a pineapple ...........

This dish is rice with crab, shrimp and of course, pineapple!
This is my personal favorite- chilled shrimp salad.
And Kirk's favorite - ICE CREAM - YUMMMM!
Well now that we are back and we are innkeepers again we sort of miss our pineapple fix. Of course we do serve it for breakfast but I wanted to try something more imaginative so I made pineapple/butterscotch cookies! Really better than they sound. Check out for the recipe.
Try them and let me know what you think!


Thursday, May 9, 2013

Bungalow & Breakfast

            OK, this is VACATION!!  When my hubby and I travel we always try to stay in B&Bs. I mean that is our life, right? But in Asia the B&Bs were often Bungalow and Breakfast. And SO charming - this one is in Thailand with a beautiful palm lined pool and stunning white sand/aqua water beach. I just love B&Bs!

Now this bungalow is in Bali and they brought breakfast every morning to our veranda surrounded by flowering trees. We were served fresh blended fruit juice, an elaborate fresh fruit plate and then my favorite: pineapple pancakes with fresh coconut. WOW! It's such a treat for us to have someone else do breakfast and we can just stay in our pjs.
This was my favorite little bungalow. The interior was all carved teak and at night they would draw the mosquito netting around the bed and sprinkle flower petals over the sheets. So Romantic! Also this B&B won best bathroom: totally outside in a private garden courtyard. But I can't show you that picture hummm....
This bungalow on the remote Gili Islands won best veranda. It had a large sofa/bed surrounded by netting where we would recline to read or play games and a lovely teak table with a view of the beach where we would sit for breakfast and afternoon tea.
Well, now we are back to work but all rested and we have some new ideas for breakfasts.  It was a really great trip!
Have you ever stayed in a Bungalow?