Friday, September 23, 2016

"Let 'er Buck"

"Let 'er Buck" is the official motto of the Pendleton Round-up held in Pendleton Oregon the second week of September. We always try to take a break from innsitting so that we can attend and it is always fun! There is so much to see and do and usually our family and friends join us.

 Look who joined us this year - the Littlest Cowgirl. This is actually her second Pendleton Round-Up. She loves rodeo, go figure!

In these photos she is watching the Team Roping while holding her new horsey named "Coco Puff" [it has black spots]. Grandad knows a lot about rodeo and is giving her all sorts of information.

She even knows how to say "Let 'er buck" !

 Besides the rodeo each day the Pendleton Round-Up hosts the worlds largest non-motorized parade on Friday morning. This is an amazing show with lots of horses, rodeo queens, cowboys and all things western.

My favorite part of the parade is the mounted band - you try beating a drum on the back of your horse and see what happens! They play in the parade but also at the Cowboy Breakfast and all over town for the week of round-up.

Eleanor's favorite part is all the queens who ride with crowns on their cowboy hats and flowers behind their saddles.

There is a lot to do at the Pendleton Round-Up. Besides the rodeo, parade and cowboy breakfast there is also music, dancing and lots of SHOPPING! Here we are at Hamley's historic saddle shop. The littlest cowgirl is trying out a new saddle but you can also buy boots, hats, ropes, and even clothing - anything western. This year we got her a tiny little cowgirl hat, "Let'er Buck".

 So if you are ever in Oregon the second week in September, come to the Pendleton Round-Up and say -

"Let 'er Buck"

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Island Inns

                                             Our commute to work - not bad, huh??

We are lucky enough to be Interim Innkeepers for several inns located in the islands of the Northwest. We call these our
"Island Inns" and we love them. Life seems to be just a bit slower here on the islands and all of our guests are very laid back.

Lopez Island [or Slowpez Island] is called the "friendly island". One of the things you learn quickly on Lopez is that everyone waves at everyone else while driving - so if you get here, don't forget to wave!

 Here's a regular breakfast guest at one of our Island Inns. She often brings her whole family to entertain our other guests. Just one of the many reasons we love working on the islands.

Of course this is another reason to love working on the islands.We can always suggest great beaches, and beach bars to our guests such as this one. And when we get a little time "off" we can enjoy them ourselves.

So, come and see us sometime at one of our Island Inns. We'll show you life in the slow lane!