Thursday, January 14, 2016


Between jobs as Professional Innsitters we went on a bender - well, we went to Bend Oregon for a ski vacation with some friends. Although we didn't actually go on a "bender" we did have a little bit of wine as you can see.

We had a great few days playing in the mountains near Bend Oregon.
First we went nordic skiing at Meissner Nordic club.

It was a gorgeous day, we skied up to this little cabin to have our pic-nic lunch and but then we decided to go the long way around to get back to our car and we got caught in a snow storm. That's mountain weather for you!

The next day the weather was even worse but Kirk went downhill skiing at Mt Bachelor ski area. I waited one more day and then we went up together but the weather was not much better. The ski area should be called Mt Badweather! We had fun anyway and came home oh so ready for a hot tub soak at the resort with our friends - arn't we cute?

We were staying at The Inn of the Seventh Mountain . They had a great hot tub and they also had a great ice skating rink...

                         So, you can tell - we had a lot of fun on our "bender" in Bend Oregon.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Let it SNOW!

When we are not on the road as Professional Innsitters we are at home in our 10 acre "ranch" at the base of Mt Hood and in the winter it is all about snow ! We love snow sports, we love the way snow looks, we love snowmen [check out this guy made by our granddaughter with a little help from her dad and Grandad]. We all say "Let it Snow"!

Of course all this lovely snow can be a lot of work. This is our driveway - guess who gets to plow it? I know he'd rather be cooking breakfast at some nice warm B&B, right?

But I also know he enjoys the snow at home!

                                                         Happy New Year - hope it's snowy!