Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Great Outdoors

Kirk and I both love any chance to play in the Great Outdoors. This year between innkeeping jobs we stopped  in Seattle and he got to play outdoors with our daughter. I got to play in the city  with our granddaughter. We both had such fun!

Kirk and Martine and several of her friends climbed Mt Daniel part of Alpine Lakes wilderness in northern Washington. A bunch of fit young ladies and one old mountain man - however, Mt Daniel has some real mountain climbing and Kirk was able to give the group a brief lesson on equipment use and snow safety, something he has had years of experience with. I think they were all happy to have him along in the Great Outdoors.

Finally - the summit of Mt Daniel!  WOW!

 And then the long walk home - It sounds like they had a fun time playing in the great outdoors but I think I had more fun at the zoo!

What do you think?

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

We Love the Dove

As Professional Innsitters we often get asked what is our favorite B&B. That's a hard question because we like all "our" properties and as Kirk often says, "the don't put B&B's in places you wouldn't want to visit".
But we really do love the Dove Inn in Golden Colorado. We have been taking care of the "Dove" for almost 10 years and it is like a second home to us.

 It also happens to be for sale!  Do any of you want to buy a lovely B&B in Colorado? We have worked for two owners here and would be happy to work for the next owner.

The Dove Inn was built sometime in the 1880's and has many
charming features from that time such as the old fireplace, lovely wood floors, narrow steep staircase and in the kitchen the old well is still hidden under the floor!
The photo below was taken sometime in the late 1800's and the building with the white porch pillars  is the Dove Inn with it's barn to the right.

Look how the front yard has changed in 150 years! It's much greener now and Kirk helps keep it that way.

So, if you're considering buying a B&B, consider the Dove Inn!