Sunday, October 9, 2016

Wild West

 Between innsitting assignments this year we got to spend some time in the Wild West . It is such a beautiful area and has so much to offer. First we stopped in Cody Wyoming where Kirk and his friend Glenn spent ALL DAY at the Buffalo Bill Museum. Of course while they were doing this, I was shopping with my friend Ruthie. That night we all went to a wonderful wild west show at the center. Here we are all dressed up in our western best.

  Kirk and I also stopped in for a drink at Buffalo Bill's hotel in Cody Wyoming - the Irma. Such a great bar and so much Wild West history there!

After Cody, we drove to Yellowstone Park. It's always stunning in the fall and this year was no exception. There was lots of wildlife including this big elk and many buffalo. We also saw a Canadian wolf which I had never seen before - he was awe inspiring! But I was not quick enough to get a photo.

 We ended our Wild West tour with drinks at the Old Faithful Lodge in Yellowstone Park and sat on the deck to watch old faithful erupt right on time! We just love this part of the world and it was a great little vacation but, now it's on to our next job and back to work!

What is your favorite vacation spot in the west?

Friday, September 23, 2016

"Let 'er Buck"

"Let 'er Buck" is the official motto of the Pendleton Round-up held in Pendleton Oregon the second week of September. We always try to take a break from innsitting so that we can attend and it is always fun! There is so much to see and do and usually our family and friends join us.

 Look who joined us this year - the Littlest Cowgirl. This is actually her second Pendleton Round-Up. She loves rodeo, go figure!

In these photos she is watching the Team Roping while holding her new horsey named "Coco Puff" [it has black spots]. Grandad knows a lot about rodeo and is giving her all sorts of information.

She even knows how to say "Let 'er buck" !

 Besides the rodeo each day the Pendleton Round-Up hosts the worlds largest non-motorized parade on Friday morning. This is an amazing show with lots of horses, rodeo queens, cowboys and all things western.

My favorite part of the parade is the mounted band - you try beating a drum on the back of your horse and see what happens! They play in the parade but also at the Cowboy Breakfast and all over town for the week of round-up.

Eleanor's favorite part is all the queens who ride with crowns on their cowboy hats and flowers behind their saddles.

There is a lot to do at the Pendleton Round-Up. Besides the rodeo, parade and cowboy breakfast there is also music, dancing and lots of SHOPPING! Here we are at Hamley's historic saddle shop. The littlest cowgirl is trying out a new saddle but you can also buy boots, hats, ropes, and even clothing - anything western. This year we got her a tiny little cowgirl hat, "Let'er Buck".

 So if you are ever in Oregon the second week in September, come to the Pendleton Round-Up and say -

"Let 'er Buck"

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Island Inns

                                             Our commute to work - not bad, huh??

We are lucky enough to be Interim Innkeepers for several inns located in the islands of the Northwest. We call these our
"Island Inns" and we love them. Life seems to be just a bit slower here on the islands and all of our guests are very laid back.

Lopez Island [or Slowpez Island] is called the "friendly island". One of the things you learn quickly on Lopez is that everyone waves at everyone else while driving - so if you get here, don't forget to wave!

 Here's a regular breakfast guest at one of our Island Inns. She often brings her whole family to entertain our other guests. Just one of the many reasons we love working on the islands.

Of course this is another reason to love working on the islands.We can always suggest great beaches, and beach bars to our guests such as this one. And when we get a little time "off" we can enjoy them ourselves.

So, come and see us sometime at one of our Island Inns. We'll show you life in the slow lane!


Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Great Outdoors

Kirk and I both love any chance to play in the Great Outdoors. This year between innkeeping jobs we stopped  in Seattle and he got to play outdoors with our daughter. I got to play in the city  with our granddaughter. We both had such fun!

Kirk and Martine and several of her friends climbed Mt Daniel part of Alpine Lakes wilderness in northern Washington. A bunch of fit young ladies and one old mountain man - however, Mt Daniel has some real mountain climbing and Kirk was able to give the group a brief lesson on equipment use and snow safety, something he has had years of experience with. I think they were all happy to have him along in the Great Outdoors.

Finally - the summit of Mt Daniel!  WOW!

 And then the long walk home - It sounds like they had a fun time playing in the great outdoors but I think I had more fun at the zoo!

What do you think?

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

We Love the Dove

As Professional Innsitters we often get asked what is our favorite B&B. That's a hard question because we like all "our" properties and as Kirk often says, "the don't put B&B's in places you wouldn't want to visit".
But we really do love the Dove Inn in Golden Colorado. We have been taking care of the "Dove" for almost 10 years and it is like a second home to us.

 It also happens to be for sale!  Do any of you want to buy a lovely B&B in Colorado? We have worked for two owners here and would be happy to work for the next owner.

The Dove Inn was built sometime in the 1880's and has many
charming features from that time such as the old fireplace, lovely wood floors, narrow steep staircase and in the kitchen the old well is still hidden under the floor!
The photo below was taken sometime in the late 1800's and the building with the white porch pillars  is the Dove Inn with it's barn to the right.

Look how the front yard has changed in 150 years! It's much greener now and Kirk helps keep it that way.

So, if you're considering buying a B&B, consider the Dove Inn!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Adventures in Paradise

In between two of our assignments as Professional Innsitters we got to spend some time at the Paradise Inn on Mt Rainer as TayCee and Grandad with our favorite little travel buddy.

The Paradise Inn is one of those classic old lodges built in the 20's filled with all sorts of charming rustic touches such as a large lobby with two fireplaces and hand painted floral parchment lanterns. It also has a lovely dinning room where we ate and this enchanting mailbox where we mailed a post card to Great Grandma [Nana].

  We spent the night at the Paradise Inn and of course someone needed Grandad to read a bed time story. We had such fun!

 In the morning we got to hike the "paradise trail" which meanders around the base of Mt Rainier through old growth trees and  fields of wildflowers. Our little Grandbunny really likes to go hiking - as long as Grandad does the work! She's a true north-westerner. Even a little rain did not bother her. When we ran into some snow on the ground she said "TayCee pick me some snow" and then she carried her little snowball till it melted. Too cute!

We actually took three small "hikes" with the whole family and had a great adventure in Paradise!


                                                  Where's your favorite hiking trail?

Friday, July 1, 2016

Farm to Table


"Farm to Table" is an expression you hear a lot about these days - as Professional Innsitters we get to do farm to table often. It's especially easy in the summer when all the local fruit is ripe. So, one of the first things we do when we get to a new job is to go check and see what is fresh at the nearest fruit stand. Look at these berries! We can walk from our B&B to see the ladies who pick these for us!

Because it is summer and because you are my favorite readers, I will share some of my "oh so easy" farm to table recipes. On the right is my "Berries Romanoff ". Too easy - just mix sour cream with brown sugar till it is sweet enough for you, let it sit overnight and then stir and pour over fresh berries!

This is a stuffed croissant baked like french toast and covered with fresh strawberries and whipped cream - so rich, so tasty! Just slice a really big croissant, spread cream cheese in the middle, soak in french toast batter and bake at 375 for 15 minutes, flipping once.

Shhhh- don't tell anybody how easy this is, ok?

Check out these peaches - yea, the guy holding them looks pretty good too, right??

I won't share the guy but I will share a few easy tips for getting peaches from farm to table....

"Peach Melba" is just a fancy way of saying sliced peaches with whipped cream, raspberry sauce and fresh raspberries.

As with any really fresh fruit, you need to go from farm to table pretty quickly. But here is thing you can do if your peaches get too ripe.
K.C.'s Quick Peach Muffins: make any muffin batter you like but make it a little dryer than normal, hold a really ripe peach over the bowl and slice off chunks into the batter so that the juice also drips into the bowl. Then add some ginger and cinnamon and bake. Tasty farm to table Peach Muffins!

                                        Where is your favorite place to go for "Farm to Table" ?