Saturday, June 24, 2017

To Market!

  We are currently Interim Innkeepers at Mackaye Harbor Inn on lovely Lopez Island. Whenever possible we go to the super charming Lopez Farmers Market to buy fruit for the inn and veggies for ourselves. It's a very special place to do your shopping!

 This year we are here too early in the season for there to be much produce - DARN! But still.... all sorts of tempting things from local artisans.

     I did buy a loaf of very tasty rosemary bread to add to our dinner. And I just had to have a piece of strawberry rhubarb rose pie for lunch!                                                                  

 It's not all about edibles at the Lopez Farmers Market- there is a booth of local wine and many arts and crafts booths. A great place to do a little Christmas shopping [nope not too early!]. I really love these hand made tea towels and think there will be a few under my tree for friends.

  Kirk's always buying me pretty cards - yea, I know, too sweet? I'm sure he stopped at this booth. Lot's of artists have booths at this market even one who makes handmade paper.

So if you are ever on Lopez Island on a Saturday, stop by the Lopez Farmers Market and buy. We send all our guests here. It's a great way to experience the special charm of Lopez.

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