Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Island Breakfast

 OK - you caught me.....
  I've been on vacation.
That's why no blog posts for a while. This year Kirk and I went to the South Pacific and it was really magical. Most of the hotels or lodges we stayed at included an "Island Breakfast". What a treat that was! For starters: we did not have to cook it ourselves.... just kidding! All of the breakfasts included wonderfully fresh fruit. This photo is their serving of muesli- sort of granola with unsweetened yogurt and then lots of fresh mango on top. What a way to start your day.

On the Cook Islands we had some breakfast guests that you do not usually see at your table. Yes, they are sweet but I am glad we do not have to deal with them when we are innsitting.

 At our resort on Fiji the breakfast buffet was displayed with this funny guy and we had baked beans on toast offered as one of the entree selections. You could also get rice with fish for breakfast...maybe I should try those sometime? I think not. But Kirk did love their vegetable omelettes with local ham.

        The orange juice was fresh squeezed every day! And always garnished with fresh flowers.


                            So I guess you can see why we loved our Island Breakfast!

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