Saturday, July 26, 2014

Fun in Forks

          AHHHHH yes,  the rough life of an Innsitter!!!  Here we are having a pic-nic [or is he having a nap?] on the shore of Lake Crescent on our way to our job in Forks WA at the Miller Tree Inn. Actually being Interim Innkeepers here in the summer is a lot of work -

  So, not much time to have fun but we always get to sneak away for at least one little beach walk.

 And maybe a short hike.

  Forks is located on the Olympic Peninsula and has so many natural wonders that you could never  do everything: hiking, biking, boating and pic-nicing. But hey, at least we try!!

      It's easy to have fun when there are so many lovely places so close to "our" inn. Of course  sometimes I am a really good wife and let Kirk go out to play while I stay and slave over a hot washing machine -  sigh......

  If he gets to go out and have fun, these are some of the things he likes to do...


   Looks like he's having FUN, huh???


 But no matter how busy we are, we always try to get away for one perfect sunset.... check it out!  Rialto Beach is the very best spot!

                    So next time you are on the Olympic Peninsula, stop in Forks and have some

Monday, July 14, 2014

B & B & Beach

 This is the view from our new property Tyee Lodge B&B. Stunning, huh??  Yes, all those little black dots are surfers and we get to watch them all day. We also get to watch whales if we are lucky. The B&B hangs over beautiful Agate Beach just north of Newport Oregon. This is an almost private beach with  a few homes and no big hotels on it - just miles of lovely sand and surf. When ever we get time in our day, we head down for a beach walk and you can see why.

 The other thing I love to do here if I have a free minute  is just sit and read. What a serene spot! However I am never alone - I do have to share my spot with a few friends like this one:

Can you spot that little guy eating lunch on the bird feeder?? He does not get to eat the gourmet breakfast that we prepare for our guests but he does get the leftovers and he seems to be getting chubbier each day!

Yes, we do also have actual paying guests here as well who get to share "our" beach. Each of the rooms at the Tyee Lodge has an amazing view out over the ocean for them to enjoy. WOW!

                            You should come and stay here sometime and maybe we will be your
                                                                  Interim Innkeepers!!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Red, White & Blue Breakfast

                               Look at this beautiful 4th of July table! This is breakfast at the Carriage House in Grinnell Iowa. No, Kirk and I are not working here - I wish!! We are guests. It is so nice to just be able to enjoy a B&B and let somebody else do all the work. This is Dorothy's Red, White & Blue parfait -  yummy and  lovely. We are taking notes.


  The Carriage House is a beautiful old mid-western mansion built as a family home in 1895. It features two turrets, a wrap around porch, several fireplaces, lead glass windows and even a small landing from which concerts were presented. Here I am in our turret room blogging - great spot to work, huh?

But the reason we are here over the 4th of July is that Grinnell is my home town and my father is turning 90 so there is a big family reunion. What a relaxing place for us to enjoy our granddaughter. Of course I am  enjoying seeing the rest of my family and my home town but this little one is the BEST!!    
                                              Where did you spend the 4th of July?