Friday, November 28, 2014

So Continental

As Interim Innkeepers, Kirk and I get to cook many different styles of breakfast - each inn is different and we serve the same breakfast that the owners of the inn would serve. Most B&Bs serve a plated hot breakfast each morning alternating between a "sweet" and a "savory" entree. We do four course candlelit breakfasts, grab as you go breakfast bags for early travelers and everything in between.

   But more and more B&Bs are going continental which is what we are currently providing at the Dove Inn . As more guests are becoming more health conscious, a breakfast of granola with fresh fruit and eggs seems better than waffles with syrup and bacon. Even PAII [Professional Association of International Innkeepers] suggests that continental is the way to go!

Of course there are a few tricks to a really tasty continental breakast:
1] Great homemade Granola [I can not give you Elizabeth's recipe, darn!]
2] A yummy fresh Pastry for those who do want to splurge
3] Lots of good fresh Fruit
3] The "perfect breakfast Egg" [this is a recipe I can share with you]


The MacKaye Harbor Inn Perfect Egg:

                               Start with 6 good quality brown eggs,
                               Bring to rolling boil, boil for 3 min,
                               cover and sit in hot water for 10 min,
                               ice water bath for 5 min -Perfect!

                         So good and good for you!

                                                      Now, let your guests ENJOY!
                                                    What is your "healthy" breakfast?

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Rockies Rock!

   Kirk and I both think the Rockies ROCK - no we do not mean the baseball team!

  For the last month we have had the Rocky Mountains as our backyard and I thought we could share a few of our favorite spots with you. I mean we share them with our guests all the time, right?

  This is one of my special pic-nic spots on the road to echo lake - Panorama Point. It's just a short hike but from there you can get views up to Mt Evans and down the valley toward Pikes Peak with the Rocky Mountains spread out for miles - WOW!

 This beautiful stream is Echo Creek also on the way to the lake and you do not even have to hike to it - just right on the road. When our guests want a scenic drive, we always send them this way. It's just really beautiful especially in the fall.

 Now, this is Red Rocks Park, right near our inn, with a stunning short hike. Well, the hike is short if you do not spend too much time climbing on the rocks like Kirk does. The path meanders through some amazing rock formations with views of the Rockies in the background.

  You know I am all about the pic-nic, and this is one of my favorite lunch places - they even provide tables, napkins, bathrooms and an amazing view! What more could you ask for? All I have to provide is cheese, crackers, chicken salad, grapes and iced tea. Gotta love it-

    One of our absolute favorite spots in the Rocky Mountains is Enchanted Mesa. It's a great hike. You can do anything from 3 to 13 miles [well, I never do 13 but you could] of stunning scenery. It really ROCKS!  So next time you visit the Rocky Mountains - try K&Ks favorite spots, ok?