Tuesday, February 23, 2016

A Clean Sweep in Cannon Beach

 Yes, sometimes being an Interim Innkeeper can be a fun and glamorous job but other times... not so much. It can also entail a lot of housekeeping: cleaning toilets, making beds, ironing pillow cases.... not fun or glamorous! My current assignment is at the Cannon Beach Hotel and I am very lucky to have a fabulous housekeeping staff who does all of that! Great housekeepers are the unsung heroes of the hospitality industry and we are fortunate to have several working here.
This is Silvia giving a clean sweep to the lobby - she's a little dynamo. I wish I had her energy.

 This is Lottie Bowechop our very competent "head housekeeper". Here she is early in the morning making out the task lists for each employee. No, she is not drinking two bottles of champagne before work - the Cannon Beach Hotel puts a complimentary bottle of bubbly in the room for each guest celebrating a special occasion. Nice touch,huh?

Here's Maribel - housekeeper and  laundress extraordinaire - hard at work. Don't I wish that all my properties had this great laundry room to work with and Maribel to help me?

One of the things I do for the housekeeping staff is host the weekly employee meeting where we go over issues and plan for the upcoming week. This meeting was also a birthday party for two of the staff - just one little way to say  "thank you" to everybody. Although I say THANK YOU everyday to the people who give a clean sweep to the hotel and  help keep my job fun and glamorous, they are the best!

Monday, February 8, 2016

B.C.'s Best!

Another road trip - this one to Whistler B.C home of the 2010 Olympics. This was not a work trip as Professional Innsitters but a fun family ski trip - the BEST! We stopped in Seattle to pick up our daughter and granddaughter. And then drove north to B.C.

The skiing area is really two mountains: Whistler and Blackcomb. In order to get from one area to the other you take this incredible gondola over a valley 1,400 feet below you! What a ride! The scenery from the gondola is just stunning - mountains and glaciers all around and the valley and Whistler village far below - WOW!

The skiing at Whistler is rightfully legendary and I had trouble keeping up with the other two in my party. But there is one person I can still keep up with - the littlest ski bunny, my granddaughter. She loves to ski with her Grandad! It's the BEST!

She also likes to go ice-skating and Whistler has the most lovely ice-skating rink with up and down ramps and big colored stars hanging over the ice.

But the very best part of our ski trip to B.C. was my birthday!Whistler was such a great place to celebrate with my whole family to help me. I think we both rock the party hat look, what do you think?