Wednesday, October 2, 2013

a Nutty Breakfast

   Most of our guests are not small, furry, round and cute and most do not just eat nuts for breakfast.

  But here at the Dove Inn we have three squirrels that we have named "Hughie" "Louie" and "Dewie" who come for breakfast every morning!

 They know just what time we are serving and they have their favorite entrees. H, L, & D had been so hungry that they had chewed a hole right through the garbage can lid and when the new lid proved to tough for them Kirk started leaving them leftovers. Their favorites are my Pecan/Strusel coffee cake or my Banana/Peanutbutter muffins. But when those are not offered, Kirk just leaves them nuts which they love.

As you can see, Hughie is brave enough to eat right out of Kirk's hand.
I call him the "squirrel whisperer" and I will not be surprised if one is in our car when we head off to our next job!

Well, naughty Hughie- as soon as we left we found out he was NOT in our car. The B&B owner called to say that Hughie had broken into one of the guest rooms and scared the guests!! She accused Kirk of training him to do that but I think he was just hungry!


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